Adobe Analytics-Pros and Cons

General features
Adobe Analytics is an industry–leading digital analytics solution that empowers you to know your customers — what they want, need, and believe. It offers various ways to collect data from any source like web, email, mobile devices, campaigns, client-server applications, web-based kiosks and most applications that access the internet. It collects your site data that are important for data-driven decision making and that maps to your business goals.
Adobe Analytics provides extended storage, data reprocessing, and reporting abilities for customer data in their Data Warehouse. Adobe Analytics tags are snippets of code which are added to a site without needing to edit your website’s code. This provides you innovative tools for collecting and distributing data across digital marketing systems.
Adobe Analytics offers Advanced calculated or Derived metrics that are custom metrics you can derive from existing metrics. This metrics helps you manage and separate your data to shape a more informed customer experience. Cross device analysis helps you understand how frequently users are moving from device to device to access your website, thus enabling you to run smarter campaigns that deliver more personalized experiences to your customers. You can use a flow analysis to view where visitors go as well as where they leave your apps and sites.
Adobe Analytics capture audience data such as demographic information, psychographic information, CRM data, and ad impression data. It collects search engine data, clicks, cost, position, and quality scores from Google AdWords, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines to improve your online advertising efforts. Third party and offline integrations allow you to combine external data like CRM (Customer relationship management), Offline voice or interactive voice response (IVR) with Adobe Analytics behavioral data to helps you understand how your multichannel campaigns are performing.
Newer Innovations
Adobe Analytics offers a wide variety of attribution models that offer robust analysis of customer behavior and provide a best-fit model per channel based on your customers’ actual interaction patterns. This attribution algorithms are powered by advanced machine learning.
Statistical modeling and machine learning that automatically finds unexpected actions or anomalies in your data. This helps to immediately identify factors that are impacting your business. Based on data anomalies, Adobe Analytics create and stack alerts that capture multiple metrics in a single alert. This helps you discover immediately when something unusual happens.
Adobe Analytics offers Contribution analysis, an intensive machine learning process designed to discover contributors to detected anomaly. This helps user to find out areas to focus on for additional analysis. Real-time reports display what’s happening on your site right now. Such reports are helpful to see immediate results of updates you make to your site.
Why use it?
Adobe analytics use machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other modern data analysis to become the industry’s leading web analytics technology. Marketing analytics take the data from multiple channels — online and offline, bring those data together to deliver meaningful, real-time customer insights.
Adobe analytics Attribution helps you to learn what your customers want and helps you to make a better spend decisions. Predictive analytics is a machine learning and advanced statistical modeling that analyze customer data to predict future behavior.
Industry’s Positive Comments
Customers comment that Adobe analytics helps you quickly analyze your user’s behavior. It creates a kind of bridge among tech team, Analytics team, Digital marketing team and User experience team.
Customers says that Adobe Analytics is a very effective software, as it’s able to work with large databases with complex segmentation and generate quick results, that can automatically be printed, downloaded or exported to Excel. The real-time data are quite accurate, they also have a large number of custom conversion and traffic variables that allow more accurate tracking. It allows you to combine various digital platforms in just one view.
Needs Improvement
Customers says that there are so many metrics, segments and dimensions that might confuse you and leads you to use wrong one. Also, there is a huge learning curve to understanding through Adobe Analytics. Loading report is little bit slow.
Similar Products in Industry
Other similar digital analytics software available in market are Google Analytics, Pendo, Heap, Siteimprove, Smartlook, Quantum Metric, FullStory, Amplitude Analytics, etc.

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